For my new CNC project I was looking for a cheap microstep driver which should be able to drive 2A stepper motors. I ordered three samples of the A3979 micro-stepping driver  some month ago from Now I had some time to design a small board for the driver A3979 and an parallel interface adapter for connecting up to four drivers to the parallel port.

The A3979 is a complete microstepping (1/16) biploar stepper motor driver with a motor output capacity of up to 35V and 2.5 A. This circuit seems to be a perfect candidate for my little CNC machine and my future project of a CNC lasercutter.

The A3979 driver board is 52x47mm in size and can be stacked. A 10 pol header connects the board with the interface board.

A3979 v2 Stepper Motor Driver CNC

You will be able to buy a A3979 driver board in the shop soon.

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