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  1. Dirk Heiss says:

    I saw your post regarding the Sunny Boy RS485 Piggyback. Would you publish your schematic / Eagle files or sell maybe a couple of the PCB boards?

    Best regards,

  2. Rw says:

    I am interested in one.

    I am also interested in an automatic high voltage DC disconnect. I am concerned about my grid connected sb3000 requirement that Voc cannot exceed 500v else it can void warantee. Knowing how temperature, grid re-sync, solar events, and other items impact the Voc, I believe at times the Voc may be exceeded. Sound interesting?


    • adelkido says:

      Hi RW?

      if you design your PV system probably than there is no need for an automatic high voltage DC disconnect. You only need to select the numbers of solar panels in serial connection that you stay with the Voc at -20 Degree Celsius below 500VDC.


      • Rw says:

        Thanks, I agree. That’s all anyone does today with Sunnyboy PV. I saw somewhere a post that the SB will not start if Voc is too high and will retry every 25 sec. I’m just nervous about the warantee statement that over voltage will void warantee. Other inverters have overvoltage protection advertised as built in. I was thinking of building an overvoltage protection device for inverters that don’t have it built in…

        Let me know if you produce some of the rs-485 boards.

        Thanks — And also nice web site and articles!


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